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Welcome to Hackers` Warehouse.

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Please feel free to browse around and see if anything I have here interests you. If so, then please register and sign in. All documentation is available for download after registering and logging in.
Some of our products are surplus. We will state that if so. When applicable we test everything we can. If we are not sure of the functionality of an item, we will state that. Most items are short runs, meaning if you want it, get it, it may not be here very long.
Most of the remaining of our items are new, some imported from China or other non USA locations. We verify the quality of these imported products and fully warranty them. We have a very low failure rate and feel that what we sell is of high quality.
Finally there are also items that are manufactured by Hacker Development. In most cases you can buy them fully assembled or as parts. All these items were designed by Hacker Development as a personal project or at the request of one of our customers. If you have any design requirements, please let Hacker Development know and we will see what we can do for you.
If you don't find something please send us a note and maybe we have it in the warehouse or on order and we will update the website with that product. Other times what you need is a perfect new product for our catalog and we will include it with our next order from our vendors. We are always looking for new and interesting things to carry.

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