with the dribbler keeps exposing the ball

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with the dribbler keeps exposing the ball

Postby Gamerzone » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:54 pm

'NBA 2K19' hints and tricks to Keep a suffocating defense

On crime, you order the tempo and also make the first movement, but on defense, what you do is a reaction to the opposing team. Back in NBA 2K19, protection is suitably balanced and opens up the doorway to shutting down your opponent with greater efficiency. Still, you have to be on the prowl in any way times and you can't take possessions off.

NBA 2K19's most crucial defensive modification has to do with contesting shots. When they went up for the shooter, you'd automatically stick a hand up to contest the shot. This meant that if you stuck close to your opponent, it was challenging for them to find an open look if that is all you did.

In 2K19, you need to manually contest shots, regardless of your defensive posture. We've discovered that NBA 2K MT watching a participant's feet helps. If you're comfortable with stick controllers, you may even move the right stick up fast to contest a shot. Quite often, stick controls work much better as your elbows are constantly on both sticks anyway.

By default, the shot contest controller can also be for blocking. If you're playing close defense, then you may also get a hands on the ball. However, should you end up fouling shooters on a consistent basis, you might want to try the vertical contest instead. If you move the left rod out from the shooter while using the contest control, you'll go straight up, which eliminates the prospect of blocking the shot or fouling. You will still affect the openness score for the shooter doing this, lowering the likelihood the shot will fall.

Besides shot contests, the 1 area of protection which has radically improved in NBA 2K19 are steals. Too frequently in earlier models did a standard steal effort result in a reach-in foul. Often times, it simply did not make sense. In 2K19, steal attempts are more successful. To slip, press Square (X on Xbox One, Y on Switch), or, even if crowding the dribbler, immediately press down and release the ideal stick.

When should you attempt to steal, though? If you're playing man-to-man defense along with the dribbler keeps exposing the ball without doing something to protect it, you have a fantastic opportunity to choose their pocket.

Another method you can use against irresponsible dribblers is forcing turnovers via fouls. It's common to play human opponents which NBA Live Mobile Coins take delight in padding the stat traces of their best players. To do so, they often wind up playing hero ball. This means they will frequently try to dismiss defenders in one-on-one scenarios. The problem with this strategy, particularly in 2K19, is the fact that it's more difficult to get by defenders in general. So they end up forcing it.
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