LA Robotics Arduino Class

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LA Robotics Arduino Class

Postby Tim Laren » Thu May 30, 2013 10:01 pm

LA Robotics Meetup Saturday June 1st, 2013.

Meetup starts at 11:00 AM and goes about 3 hours.

This is a 3-hour hands-on introduction to the Arduino micro-controller and beginning electronics and electronic components. This is an expanded version of our original Intro to Arduino class but with a more streamlined approach (we've done this class for over 150 people now!) and a deeper focus on electronics as well as Arduino.

You will learn:

Arduino Microcontroller basics
The waterfall model of electricity
Units of electrical measurement and Ohms Law
Interfacing digital inputs and output
Interfacing analog inputs
Writing clear and concise C code
Creating custom functions for more powerful code
Working with electronic components such as resistors, LEDs, potentiometers, light dependent resistors, and more.

You will need:

- A Windows, Mac, or Linux Laptop running the free Arduino software

(visit or ahead of time to download and install the software and possibly some Arduino drivers)

- An Arduino starter kit including:

-- An Arduino Uno microcontroller board or an Arduino compatible board
-- A solderless breadboard for building circuits
-- Hookup wire for making connections to the breadboard
-- A USB cable to connect your computer to the Arduino board
-- Various basic components including an LED, a matching 330 ohm resistor, a 10Kohm pull-down resistor, a potentiometer, and a light dependent resistor

You can order stater kits from any of these sources:

Weburban LA Robotics Club Kit 100% of the profits from these kits goes to support the L.A. Robotics Club

Or you can purchase from any other website that sells Arduinos

Club member Tim Laren 5% of total sales goes to the club.

A Class fee of $40 is due at the time you RSVP and goes to support the L.A. Robotics Club. If you've taken one of our Arduino classes before this one is new and improved and you will learn new useful skills. If you're a complete beginner this class is still appropriate as no previous experience is necessary.

Come support the L.A. Robotics Club and Learn Arduino & Electronics.
Tim Laren
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