You'll win Conquest mode

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You'll win Conquest mode

Postby Gamerzone » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:56 pm

In case you decide to"Play Game", or if you're attacking a team's stronghold (their home base) where"Play Game" is demanded, you'll need to select a difficulty level to play the game on. The available options are dependent on the Fan Distribution. The more fans you have assaulting, the lower the difficulty you will have the ability to play with MLB 19 the show stubs. Win the matchup either by playing or mimicking, and you'll take over that tile and it has fans. Take over all of the tiles, and you'll win Conquest style.

After every Attack Phase, you'll be given the chance to steal fans away from any remaining team's stronghold. You just choose which team you need to play, and then choose the difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level you decide to play on, the more fans you will steal should you win the match.

After you've completed the Attack and Steal Phases, you'll get to put fans you've won on any of the tiles that you have control of on the map. In case you have an excess of buffs on a tile, then you can move them during this stage. After this is finished, you are going to go onto your next move, and go back to the Attack Phase.

It is possible to go about the map as you please, but a few common strategies are moving directly towards the Rockies, and taking the land in the northwest before working your way down the west shore. Another is moving towards the Twins initially, and making your way through the central teams prior to moving east or west.

As you build up your fan base, you need to be utilizing the Simulate Game option for all non-stronghold games. At that stage, you might even skip the Steal Phase too. For playing Conquest and beating group's strongholds, you'll receive a number of benefits. Every stronghold taken completes a Mission to in the Conquest Program. As you advance through the Conquest Program, you will earn MLB The Show 19 players, Tickets, Stubs, XP, and eventually get an 87 Total Breakout Luis Gonzalez card, and a Program Reward which lets you start the Conquest Extreme Program.

Defeating particular group's strongholds will also result in unlocking a Flashback card of a MLB The Show 19 player with that team, and an additional Mission that must be completed with that card. By way of instance, if you defeat the San Francisco Giants, then you will unlock a Rookie Brandon Crawford card, and a Mission that requires you to collect 1 hit, and two fielding assists in the exact same Conquest game. There are two of these hidden missions for each of the six MLB divisions.

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