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Arduino Kit Information: 74HC595

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Shift Register - I/O Expander

The 75HC595 is an 8 bit Shift Register. It only requires a few I/O pins and provides you with 8 outputs. You can stack these chips end to end and get more I/O lines.

To use these chips you send it one bit at a time, clock it and loop till all bits are sent. Then you send a Latch and the data is sent to the outputs. This is all a lot simpler then it sounds because there is a special command with the Arduino that takes care of sending the data and providing the clock pulses.

The DS18B20 Pinout Diagram:

The Spec Sheet is here

You can get a sample Sketch for the 75HC595 at the Arduino Playground @ Serial to Parallel Shifting-Out with a 74HC595

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