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Arduino Kit Information: Solderless BreadBoard Wires

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Breadboard Wires

Most Kits come with a bundle of random lengths of Solderless BreadBoard Wires. The bundle comes with approxmatly 70 wires.

These wires have a strong stiff wire at each end, with a 'handle' to allow easy insertion into a Solderless BreadBoard. The wire connecting these two ends is very flexable.

The wires come in a random selection of colors. The colors may concist of the following colors: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White.

The wires come in a random selection of lengths. Typically they will have the following:

  • 5 - 9"
  • 5 - 7.5"
  • 10 - 6"
  • 50 - 4.5"

I always tell people, "I used phone wire for the last 20 years. I got a bundle of these and will never go back to phone wire again. These thing are great."

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