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Arduino Kit Information: DS18B20

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Temprature Sensor

The DS18B20 is a 3 pin chip that accurately measures the temprature and only requires one I/O line of your processor. You can also connect many DS18B20 chips to the same I/O line. There are also other 1-Wire Sensors that can also share the same one I/O line.

The DS18B20 Pinout Diagram:

The Spec Sheet is here

The DS18B20 1-Wire buss required a 4.7K Pullup resistor. If the distance is not real far you can also use only two connection to the sensor. The protocol for the 1-Wire devices send enough 1's to power up the sensor and it stores enough power to reply to the request.

I have a sample Sketch for the DS18B20 in Hackers' Notebook Forums @ DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

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