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Hackers Notebook

Postby Tim Laren » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:09 pm

Where it all started:

In 1985 I was in early retirement from a communications company that was moving from Chatsworth. I got an offer to take a pile of money to help downsize the company. A good friend of mine, Tom Miller, owned a hard drive repair company (TME) and I would go to auctions with him and buy cool stuff. After about 6 months of this, his warehouse was full of all this cool stuff I told him to get. Over lunch one day we talked about how to get rid of that stuff. We decided to open Hacker Electronics. After about 2 years Tom moved on and left me the store. I kept it going for 10 years and them moved on myself as did all the tech companies in Chatsworth.

Hacker Electronics main income was selling new PCs and providing service. We also sold new and surplus electronics along with used computers. We were very good at fixing things like Interrupts (remember when no one knew how to get more than one I/O card working in a system at once) and repairing a hard drive after one of those primitive 80's viruses scrambled everything. You know when the other guys said "It's hopeless" someone would say "Bring it to Hacker". We never charges if we could not fix it, and I can't remember ever not getting paid.

For the next 15 or so years along with my other job I still could not get Hacker out of my system. I continued collecting cool gadgets and doing the TRW Swap Meets. I have had many web site for many different reasons and recently setup Hacker's Notebook.

Out Goal:

The main idea of Hackers Notebook is to have a place to store and share fun stuff. Currently, and for the last few years, I have been focused on the Arduino goodies. I will always keep the information about what I have done in the past from now on and information on cool new trends in the future. I hope to drag all of you into this world I have experienced and hope you enjoy the ride.

You are invited:

If anyone has articles they want to share, you are welcome to post them here. I would like to encourage questions about just about anything. I will try to answer them or get someone else to answer the questions.

We also do design. If you have a project and need a PC Board done, I can help. If you want a thing to do this, I may be able to help in the design.

The future:

I will visit back to this area of the board often I hope and let you know whats happening here.

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