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Postby Tim Laren » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:05 am

Node Red is a system that can be used as the central hub for your Home Automation Network. It runs on just about anything. I am using it on a Raspberry Pi and it seems just fine. It was authored by a group at IBM and is Open Source. There is a lot of support and has many plugins or add-ons so you don't have to write them yourself.
It has a web accessed GUI where you drag and drop and then draw your paths with the mouse. One of the first add-ons is the Desktop, This allows you to control the environment you design in the GUI from any web enabled device like a cell phone or tablet or desktop computer.
Node Red can use MQTT as the protocol to control my IoT devices. MQTT is also Open Source protocol that is becoming very popular in the Home Automation landscape.
Installation on the Pi can take hours but most is hands off and just waiting for the Pi to slowly do it's updates.
In my configuration I added a WiFi adapter with it's own private network dedicated your your IoT devices. You can connect Node Red on a Pi up to your Internet connection via Ethernet if you want it accessible to the entire world. My thoughts are that all your devices are controlled on a private network and then you can make just the one connection to the Desktop to the internet and provide some security at that point. In this way all your devices are not accessible from the Internet.
I will provide information about installing Node Red, network configuration, device design, programming and configuration. There are some products available that can be modified or upgraded to provide support of MQTT and those will also be covered.
The IoT devices will be built on Arduino, ESP8166 and other processors we currently use for other projects.
If you have any questions or suggestions please post here and join the party.
Tim Laren
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