Arduino 101, Basic Electronics

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Arduino 101, Basic Electronics

Postby Tim Laren » Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:20 pm

If you went to the first Arduino class then you know about this one too. This class was well talked about then, else:

Keith will be leading us through some basic electronics, so the regularly scheduled Arduino lab time will be repurposed for what he has planned. He has said that the basic arduino kits we have should be sufficient for what he intends to take us through. Thanks Keith!

Ever have your face go blank when someone mentions Ohms Law (Honest officer, I wasn't resisting). What's a resistor, what does it do and how do you identify and read them.

Ever try and figure out how or what or why it is. It's all in the data sheet. Reading one will be part of this class. Figuring where the important information can be found is one of the most valuable lesson that can learned.

Why does my robot only last 5 minutes on it's batteries? Why is that chip so hot? Where did that smoke come from? (Hopefully not)

Date: Sunday March 18th at 1PM.
Location: "The Garage" 110 W Bellevue Dr, Pasadena, CA

Note: If you have it handy, bring a power strip and/or extension cord.
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