New Products arriving

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New Products arriving

Postby Tim Laren » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:21 pm

They are not in the store as of yet, but I have a few Gyros in. I have just started working with them and will let everyone know how they are working. They are not as low cost as I would have liked but I feel they will be competitively priced. They will have to do till I get my board manufactured and tested.

I also ran out of 16 key keypads so I have more coming in. I have two models, one is just like the last ones, black plastic and the other new one will be membrane. The membrane is well suited for outdoor projects as they are waterproof and can be stuck to just about any enclosure. The configuration should be the same.

Also getting in some low cost servos and also some metal gear ones too. They all have fairly good ratings, the more expensive ones will be a little stronger and faster, as one would expect. I will post an article to modify them for continuous rotation when I get them in, if you need to use them as a drive motor like I did for the CD-Bot.

I have a good selection of Solderless Breadboards. The largest one will be up in the store tomorrow or Saturday, it's been busy and I'm having a tough time keeping up the store pages. If you need anything just ask, I may have it and have not yet put it in the store.

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