Solderless Breadboards

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Solderless Breadboards

Postby Tim Laren » Thu May 30, 2013 9:04 pm

We are talking about electronic breadboards, not your mother's that she used in the kitchen.

When I started in electronics when we talked about Breadboarding we were talking about soldering parts onto a board that looked like this:
Some of these boards had rows of holes connected that you had to cut other were just a bunch of holes that you connected with wire and solder.

Today everyone uses Solderless Breadboards similar to this:
Looking at this picture, on the left you can see the pins are labeled A-J from the top down and across to 60, starting at 5, in fives. Well the A-E in every column are all connected together. Also F-J are also connected. Each column is separate from the next. If you plug in a component into the board, over the center trough, each pin is connected from E to D,C,B and A for each column.

Here is a sample of how the connections are:
The Rows labeled X and Y, Across the top an bottom are typically used for power and ground. On some boards they run the entire length of the board and others they are broken into segments. On this board the first three and the last three are separate from the center 4 groups of 5.

It is a good idea when you first get your breadboard, either mark or jumper these segments together. Here is a sample of how I would mark this board, showing where the bus is open.
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