Dec 5th, The Winter Showcase

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Dec 5th, The Winter Showcase

Postby Tim Laren » Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:53 pm

CT is hosting the Winter Showcase on Dec 5th, from 5:30-7:00pm.

We will need several Arduino projects setup and a few students to talk about them. Everyone will be expected to help out by building a project or two. We will build and test these projects on our last day of school, Dec 4th, during class.

We also want to have a few Land Sharks operating for the Winter Showcase.

Any of the project we did in class would be fine. Things like the Blink Sketch with all your speed changes and more LEDs would be great. Maybe the Ultrasonic Sensor and LEDs or the LCD to display measurements. If someone does anything with the servo over Thanksgiving we could use that also. If you can add lots of comments to the code, just in case we have laptops to show the code.

We also need two or three students to answer the following for guests:
Guiding Questions/Sentence Starters
• In this workshop, I learned ... because ...
• I most enjoyed ... because ...
• A challenge that I faced in this workshop was ... because ...
• I'm very proud of myself because ...
• This (insert student work/project) is ...
• How would you describe your work/project?
• How did you complete it?
• What does it show about you and/or the workshop?

We can talk about all this Wednesday.
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